Jeffries Stores

Jefferies Stores is a local landmark, but after many years trading, they needed an update to help them continue to compete with other convenience stores and with the local supermarkets. The aim was to remove some of the clutter of the old store so that the customer would have a better shopping experience,  update the colours for a simpler, fresher appearance and to use lighting to emphasise the new space available.

The actual work undertaken included updating the counter, the lighting, moving many of the units and improving the lighting.

Jefferies Stores can be found on Carmel Road, Winchwen in Swansea.

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What the customer says:

We first used Coastal Carpentry and shop fitting services in the spring of 2014 when they took care of a refurbishment we were undertaking in one of our stores. Our objective was to modernise the premises with practical but bespoke furnishings at a budgeted cost.

We were delighted with the way they handled the project, always endeavouring to find a solution to accommodate the ever changing specifications put before them, without ever compromising their craftsmanship.

They took away our ideas, mixed them with some of their own and and returned them in a finished product that surpassed all expectations.

Matthew Arbourne, Director, Jefferies Stores Limited